Our Story

"Whatever kind of business you are into, ultimately, there is only one business, that is human wellbeing." - Sadhguru

We like to build products for the sake of building cool things. This is highly necessary to keep the inner child alive and not have a myopic vision. If you are in love with what you do, you will want to improve every aspect of it, you will pay attention to every detail. Building high quality products and revenue streams becomes inevitable at that point.​

In the Information age, code & media are forms of permission-less leverage that can reach everyone who has access to the internet. We realize that resourcefulness and relationships always overpower access to capital and labor.Seeing everything from a brand new eyes is what opens the doors to innovation.​

It took giant corporations, the shock of COVID19 to adapt to remote work, something which we have done naturally since a decade and have mastered its tid-bids. We started out in 2008, as 15 y/o kids, the only thing we had was access to the internet and a hunger to build. We bootstrapped our first product into multi-million dollars in sales without having access to a single dollar as investment. We built our first product on a subscription model before SaaS was a mainstream thing.​

Our company executives incorporate and promote spiritual technologies like Meditation and Shambhavi Mahamudra to ensure that we have weakly held strong opinions. All the knowledge that a human gathers is just a memory, which includes frameworks, prejudices, biases and attachment of an identity around those opinions. It is therefore utmost necessary to know in this fast paced world that what part of your subconscious memory serves you and what doesn’t.​

Ultimately, we want to leave the world a better place than we found it. Our vision includes creating abundance for everyone and democratization of opportunities, resources and possibilities.